is/land (Lanzarote, day 2)

it was a day like every other out there on this island
when the sky, and with it, the water
for no visible reason
started to stream in technicolor

she turned, wondering if it was sign, or just a fancy of the fading light
and standing there, she finally started wishing
___to dive through the sky in the shape of a red dove
______to sit in a perfect wave of meditation
_to dance the dance of the 100 things

(the sky in the image, it looks technicolor, but it really looked like this that evening: the surreality of reality. the only thing i did in the 2 images above is mirroring them. below, the original file.)


5 thoughts on “is/land (Lanzarote, day 2)

  1. thanks! and the colours and seasons: it was actually November when i visited the island. a very different kind of November than the Middle-European one, though.

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