lost in the details


this image is inspired by both the wordpress challenge “Lost in Details

it’s a city moment from Udaipur / India. when travelling there, i didn’t take the digital camera – now i wished i had, and had taken many many more pictures. here’s another one from there, a memory from Rajasthan that also comes with a 1000 details. 

and if you are interested in reading about being there, try this – the book that came from travelling there: Worlds Apart – 2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons – a true story


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into the mountains (in different shapes)

after reading stories that are set in mountains, i was drawn to another of my own mountain memories – this is from the High Alps in France. the gallery is coming up in a different layout every time. interesting how the same photos change moods in different sorting

more about the far-away-reads, here: this week: high altitude reading with Laotse, Liu, Shamsie in Tibet, China & Pakistan (+ travel memories)