longing for a different sky



Today I am longing for a different sky. The day started sunny and warm, but then clouds and cold temperatures moved in, just in the wrong timing for sunday. To be somewhere else now….

It’s days like these that make me feel stuck in the long cycle of treatments. But going through photos from the past now also makes me grateful for the journeys I was able to take, to mountains, and to oceans.

Which also brought back the starting idea of this blog: to revisit places and journeys. Will see, maybe I include some more journey photos, especially on the low days.

Have a beautiful Sunday ~~

lost in the details


this image is inspired by both the wordpress challenge “Lost in Details

it’s a city moment from Udaipur / India. when travelling there, i didn’t take the digital camera – now i wished i had, and had taken many many more pictures. here’s another one from there, a memory from Rajasthan that also comes with a 1000 details. 

and if you are interested in reading about being there, try this – the book that came from travelling there: Worlds Apart – 2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons – a true story


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into the mountains (in different shapes)

after reading stories that are set in mountains, i was drawn to another of my own mountain memories – this is from the High Alps in France. the gallery is coming up in a different layout every time. interesting how the same photos change moods in different sorting

more about the far-away-reads, here: this week: high altitude reading with Laotse, Liu, Shamsie in Tibet, China & Pakistan (+ travel memories)