half and half sky


I still remember driving this island road, first in the sun, then in the shadow of those huge clouds, and then in rain. The photo is from Lanzarote island.

And a half quote:

“A mirror does not exist by itself. A mirror is a half. Half is done by the piece. The other half has to be done by the beholder. You need to be the half to see what you’re looking for, so the mirror can exist.”
– Cristiane Serruya

Inspired by sky friday, and by the current photo challenge: “This week, share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. You could focus on composition and take a photo with an explicit dividing line. Or take the theme in other directions.”


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patterns of green


a photo-play with a tree art installation (which is based on several mirrors installed in between trees), combined with digitally mirroring the image:

all those patterns that emerge in nature, and also: the way patterns get enhanced and transformed by a mirror.

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human symbolism & photography


The new photo challenge theme is “Symbol” – and with it, a reflection on life, perception, and photography:

“Symbolism is uniquely human. We use symbols to represent intangible things like our beliefs and emotions, and to convert the abstract into something understandable. We may also use symbols to simplify and convey information.

Photography is often the same; an image illustrates a single moment in time, or captures an object in perpetuity. Much like symbols, photographs, too, may conjure vivid memories and mean a wide range of things to different people.”

A good theme to reflect while going through files. It made me think of basic shapes – and of this symbolic cirlce of figures. This is in Mallorca, in a gallery with art garden.


Here’s the stream of “Symbol” photos + the call: photo challenge “Symbol”