on the way


“This week, share a photo you took on the way to something else…” – is the current challenge. My contribution is a double-“on-the-way”: a flock of birds, on the way to another place, photographed while I was on the way to somewhere, too.

And a quote:

“We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly, but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey, or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way.”
– Gloria Gaither


Here’s the stream of “On the way” photos + the call: photo challenge “On the way”

longing for a different sky



Today I am longing for a different sky. The day started sunny and warm, but then clouds and cold temperatures moved in, just in the wrong timing for sunday. To be somewhere else now….

It’s days like these that make me feel stuck in the long cycle of treatments. But going through photos from the past now also makes me grateful for the journeys I was able to take, to mountains, and to oceans.

Which also brought back the starting idea of this blog: to revisit places and journeys. Will see, maybe I include some more journey photos, especially on the low days.

Have a beautiful Sunday ~~

koi fish sky


This week I visited the botanical garden near here – haven’t been there since ages. So nice to walk underneath palm trees and watch koi fish…

…and see exotic flowers when looking up:


It’s something I started to do earlier this month: to try and add little getaways to the week. Last week, I visited an art exhibition, and it was on the way to the museum that I saw the sign of the botanical garden.

So at least that is one good side effect of the current chain of treatments: those mini-trips and the precious colored moments they bring. Not sure what is next. There was a memorial place on the way, too, but I guess something on the more cheerful side might be better for now.

solar eclipse morning


today: solar eclipse
today: chemo #6
today: friday
today: day 162 after diagnosis
today: sunny

Today the sky brought a sky show of its own kind: solar eclipse! It was visible here in South Germany from half past 9 to half 12, and the skies were open – but I was inside at that time with others in the oncology centre, getting the next chemo. We saw the effects of the eclipse together, though, with the view outside turning shaded in a strange way. And with the nurses joking about whose eyesight might be worth to risk for a direct look, while we shared stories of the last visible solar eclipse in 1999.

a bit more about the days 1-162, here: life as a journey: c is for cancer, and for courage, too