This blog started in summer 2011 as a creative journal of taking part in the 100 Days Project. In January 2012, it was my journal for the River of Stones. Afterwards it turned into a daily photo blog. Since July 2012, the 100 Days Project is on again.

Here the archives of the different blog “seasons”, and with screenshots of the different layouts it had in time:

Daily Photo Blog – since March 2012

Archive May 2012: island diary part 2 + cubes, rivers, somewheres

Archive April 2012: drives, cities, gates + an island diary 

Archive March 2012: trees, clouds, horizons 


River of Stones, January 2012

Archive: January 2012
Blog note:  31, or: diary of January

The River of Stones is a mindful writing challenge that is happening in January, with many hundreds of people all over the world joiining. The idea: starting the new year with a time of paying attention: a time of noticing one thing properly, and write it down as a mindful “stone”: a short, attentive note. “It’s a small and magical practice. Stop. Look. Here you are. Right here. Right now. What do you see? Pay attention. Write it down.” – Jean Morris


100 Days Project 

Links to the archive pages:

This was the first time i participate in the 100 Days Project 2011. here’s what it is about: “The 100 Days Project gathers story writers, poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and programmers together for one hundred days of creative effort: a piece a day for 100 days. Each artist’s work will be unique yet build on the work of others in the collective. Here we make, remake, shape and reshape.”

My plan is to focus on daily photos that are inspired by the blog theme or a specific blog entry of another 100 day artist / author.

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