16 people


..are the theme of photo friday this week. so in a cross-over of challenges, my day 16 of 100 days is a people image, taken in Munich, on a workday.

the majestic building in the back is a court, when i remember it right. note the statues on top of the building – seems statues are one of the unplanned returning themes of this 100 day blog, with the angel statue in #9, and the Bratislava statue in #6 – plus the papercut “statue” of Cinderella, in day #14.


3 thoughts on “16 people

  1. I love this picture. I love how-as an outsider- I see the beautiful fountain and building and think “oh wow, what a lovely place to visit and see and catalog as an experience,” and how that feeling is juxtaposed by the everyday, that it is simply a (beautiful) backdrop at a place to sit for lunch for people who live there. Beautiful composition!

  2. thanks! yes, the image is interesting, with the different “layers” of the city: the massive building from the past, the fountain in motion, the people that are dazed/frozen by the mid-heat. i remember that i stood there, looking for a place to sit, and then saw the larger scene – and started to smile, and took this photo.

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