16 people


..are the theme of photo friday this week. so in a cross-over of challenges, my day 16 of 100 days is a people image, taken in Munich, on a workday.

the majestic building in the back is a court, when i remember it right. note the statues on top of the building – seems statues are one of the unplanned returning themes of this 100 day blog, with the angel statue in #9, and the Bratislava statue in #6 – plus the papercut “statue” of Cinderella, in day #14.

14 parts of the story

“I wanted to tell part of the story in her skirt, specifically when the fairy godmother works her magic and Cinderella heads to the ball.”
– B. Stone

inspired by Papercuts day #14 – i picked up the black papercut with photoshop and added a background photo layer to it with help of the photoshop magic wand. so refreshing and playful, the creative approach of 100Days and the ideas it sparks to experiment with formats and approaches.  

the photo is from Bratislava castle, which comes with an own fairy tale character, a crow woman, which was the title of Melusine mag winter2010. i tried to find out more about this statue, feeling it probably is part of a tale, or a historic story, but the crow woman remains a mystery so far.

11 pending papercuts

” I was inspired by Dave Pender’s 100 days project (thepender) in which he is creating a comic book character each day, how cool!” – B. Stones

and i was chain-inspired by  B. Stones’s blog project (Papercuts) – set up as “a way to hone a new craft and to see how my style in a new medium develops over a period of working each and every day” … which lead the way back/onwards from Papercuts to thepender, where i picked up Day 008 and turned it into a Warhol-like comic collage.

9 Days And Nights

“She held on to the coat throughout the night. Stood on a rim on the castle wall looking out over the valley, smelled everything, wished her coat would turn into wings.”100 Days And Nights, Day 1

about #9: the photo picks up on the comment and link from Marcus in “6 Bratislava”, the start of his medieval story lead me to an old place with a winged woman near here. a color-image of the place is up at romanix was here.

6 Bratislava

Bratislava is a city i hadn’t planned to visit. it was a trip to Vienna that brought the idea to step further eastwards: Slovakia is just 2 hours from Vienna.

now i returned to the city in an image, inspired by karen bozik’s 100 days blog ancestral drawings along several East European countries: “these 100 watercolor drawings will trace my armchair travels starting from bratislava, through hungary, serbia, bulgaria, and ending in istanbul.”

there’s more about my own trip, here: Vienna, Bratislava, Istanbul. (yes. ending in istabul, too, alas only via armchair travel, and without watercolor).