14 parts of the story

“I wanted to tell part of the story in her skirt, specifically when the fairy godmother works her magic and Cinderella heads to the ball.”
– B. Stone

inspired by Papercuts day #14 – i picked up the black papercut with photoshop and added a background photo layer to it with help of the photoshop magic wand. so refreshing and playful, the creative approach of 100Days and the ideas it sparks to experiment with formats and approaches.  

the photo is from Bratislava castle, which comes with an own fairy tale character, a crow woman, which was the title of Melusine mag winter2010. i tried to find out more about this statue, feeling it probably is part of a tale, or a historic story, but the crow woman remains a mystery so far.


2 thoughts on “14 parts of the story

  1. Love this interpretation! It looks like she is rushing down from the steps after the ball the moment after she looses the fated slipper. Wonderful!

  2. really glad you like how this came out. i tried 3 images, the first didn’t work at all, and this fell in place, both from image and from the story moment it might tell. so interesting, this work with layers.

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