Freedom / Freiheit


Freedom – it’s one of the words with so many layers, and after writing it down for an exercise, my mind started to come up with words that relate to it from word family, both in English and in German (my mother language).

Freedom, it’s “Freiheit” in German – and changing one letter, you get from “Freiheit” to “Freizeit”: from freedom to free time. All this freedom we have today, to do things, go places, learn and express. There is another beautiful word connected to “frei”: “freigiebig” – generous.

More interesting relations, in German, Friday is “Freitag”. but it isn’t free, it relates to the Nordic Goddess Freya (a powerful figure who is associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death)

Also, inside the word “frei”, there is “ei” – an egg. Which in that context, for me relates to the idea that to be free, you need to make the effort to break your comfortable and protective eggshell – which protects you, but also keeps you inside of it.

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