upcoming: 5k jogg… after walking it already


WordPress is organizing a collective 5k run/walk this Sunday – i still remember their previous 5k run, i was on Mallorca island back then and blogged about it, here: 5K Challenge – jogging along Alcudia Bay, Mallorca

Looking forward to joining again, and the challenge now motivated me to walk a possible route, and track the distance: 5,13 k. Walking it leisurly took 1h and 12 minutes (photo stops included). Now i am curious how the jogging will turn out.

Good luck and friendly skies and roads to all who also join! –  I am curious for the blog posts already!

And here’s how to join: You can run or also walk. Date is Sunday, September 29th, or anytime in the week of 23rd-29th, tag ist wwwp5k, and here’s the 5k announcement

5k on Twitter! …and i just saw: lots of notes are up on Twitter already: #wwwp5k

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