5k on sunday with a vulcanoe view

“Any time between Monday, September 19th to Sunday, September 25th, lace up your running/walking/hiking/hopping shoes and join us for the 5k blogged about around the world! … and post about your participation on your site and tag the post “wwwp5k” so that other runners around the world can find you and read about your experience.”

– that was the invite from the WordPress team, and as this sunday came with lovely weather, I went to one of my fav places to go for a walk: the hill-plateau of the “Schwäbische Alb” in the South of Germany. It’s a timeless place:


This is the walk way along the plateau – and this is the view you have when you look to the left, towards the Neckar Valley:


Most of the trees were still green, but some came in colors already:


There are some huge boulders along the way, and I sat down on one of them to enjoy the view, and think of time: once upon a time, this was a vulcanoe. Now there is only the crater left, and sitting there, you sit at the rim of the former crater.



There is some more about the history of this place here, in German: “Randecker Maar”

And a final photo: the tiny plant made me wonder how far it’s fluffy seeds will make it – 5k isn’t impossible for it, when a wind carries it along and into the valley.



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