From the places I’ve been to last week, one stood out especially – a new place, which is underwater. When I went to the botanical garden and zoo near here, I visited their “Tropenhaus” for the first time – they built it a while ago, it’s a tropical hemisphere with a mix of plants and animals – and it includes a large pool-like aquarium with fish, and even with turtles! It’s a quiet place, and I sat there, watching, mesmerized.


After a while, I realized that next to the fish and the turtles, there is yet another kind of animal in the water: a sort of crocodile! I first didn’t spot it as it was more in the background,  hidden by the plants in the water. Plus, I didn’t expect it at all, and was focused on the fish. Not sure how they keep the animals from eating each other, maybe it’s a vegan crocodile?


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