this choice of perspective

This week brought the same kind of perspective in different ways: that our perception and reaction to any situation depends less on the situation itself, but more on our own mood and mindset. That we don’t have to react in our usual, sometimes almost automatic pattern. That there always is a choice. That we can actually take a different, even a counterpart road:

“Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience. Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet. Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back. Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love. Anything you fear is teaching you how to overcome your fear. Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go.” – Jackson Kiddard


Inspired by the photo challenge “State of Mind”, by skywatch friday, and by the snowy weather of this week (the photo is from January, though – but we had new snow, and just some miles from here the fields were white).

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