Yesterday two thoughts connected: I was thinking about animal photos to include in the “Nature” photo challenge. And when I checked the weather forecast, I saw it would be sunny for some hours. That’s when the idea bubbled up take an extended lunch break and go to the “Wilhelma” – the botanic park with animals near here. So the photo challenge now created a file of new photos, and a good time. Here’s one of the pics, looks like that bird very much wanted to be in the picture:


I should do such things more often, I realized while there. It was good to be out there, catching this spontaneous idea and just following the mood. Plus, I had looked at my previous Wilhelma photos at the weekend (that’s why it was in my mind), and had realized that the way I took photos there didn’t really work well, as I tried to include too much in one image: the scenery, the animals, the trees…

So I now focused more on the setting, tried zooming in, and also tried waiting for the right moment, with the animal looking. Here’s a photo from last year’s visit, same place, probably even same birds:



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