Spaces + Borders + Connections


A theme of this week was “EDGE” – such an interesting word / place with multiple meanings and qualities included. Thinking about it brought me back to this painting. It happened on a day that was both edgy, but also brought some space and time to experiment with colors.

While painting, I turned the paper 2 times, and let the color run in some spots. Later I put it on this corner wall to let it dry – and it was there, at this edgy place, with the frames of previous paintings now creating an unplanned frame for it, that I started to like it.

There were 2 additional outer edges for me that day: it was the first time for me to be part of that open art session. And there was an art therapist present, yet it was up to each person if they wanted to share the painting with her, and talk about it, and receive a feedback.

Maybe I should put the paintig up here on a wall for a while. See how the edges feel over a certain time. Maybe even take a step towards making friends with that edgy feeling. And turn it around, too, just like I did while working on it. (And just like the art therapist did when we talked about it, about the spaces, borders and connections it includes, and the lighter and heavier areas.)


(part of my mindful november, there’s a bit more about art therapy ar an earlier point in this blog, here: things that helped during chemo)


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