handmade chain reaction


So I made some cookies. Which isn’t a special thing to do in general, but for me it was: it’s ages since I did that the last time. And it weren’t just simple cookies, they are coming with a note, and now also with a handmade box.

Altogether, they turned into mindful cookies.

First I thought it all started with seeing the yellow cookie-stamper in a shop, while in the city and waiting for my car wheels to be changed:


The stamper and the letters looked like fun. They made me try to figure out words to write. And made me remember the homemade cookies I received a while ago, made by a colleague of my partner. Such a good surprise, one I wanted to return, or pay forward.

So I bought the stamper. And tried it this weekend. Had fun. And without planning to, was all focused on each step of the cookie-making.


Once the cookies were ready, I thought about a wrapping – and then had the idea to fold a paperbox myself, based on my november mandala.

Here’s the wiki manual for it: how to create a paperbox
(and the German version:  Papierschachtel falten)

Such a good, simple joy. Especially with the november mandala pattern and the way it looks as a box. Tomorrow, the colleague will receive her little box.

And I want to try a new mandala – I have a zen-color book here. Will see how that works out.


(part of my mindful november, the first post with the mandala is up here: Mindful November Mandala

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