Cancer myths debunked


Thanks, Cancer Research UK, for putting this science blog post together:
Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked

It’s hard enough to go through cancer and its difficult treatments, through weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. It’s really not helping to be confronted with myths along the way, either by people who try to “help you” by telling you that chemotherapy is pointless and dangerous and just a huge money making conspiracy, and you really should switch to their better and safer natural treatment (which they are happy to sell to you..), or by friends who forward links to “new” cures, trying to help.

The one thing that left me really speechless a couple of times is the “big conspiracy theory”: that there is a miracle cancer cure… but Big Pharma are suppressing it” – if anyone goes through cancer, and see the demanding work the doctors and nurses in this sector do, supporting and helping cancer patients through treatments that are difficult, working all those long hours to help, either in hospitals or in labs: it’s just outrageous to state that they are all just doing it for the money, while willingly sacrificing lives, and wouldn’t care about patients. Thanks to the people at Cancer Research to putting this into words:

“To suggest that we are – collectively and individually – hiding ‘the cure’ is not only absurd, it’s offensive to the global community of dedicated scientists, to the staff and supporters of cancer research organisations such as Cancer Research UK and, most importantly, to cancer patients and their families.”

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