i n t u i t i o n, or: my first art journal page


After visiting the art journal pages of fellow bloggers, and being especially touched by one which lead back to a tale about intuition and finding ones way through the difficult maze that is our life sometimes, i now gave it a try and put an art journal page together myself. Really enjoyed the process, and the chance connections and themes that developed into this collage.

The tale that sparked this step is “Vasilisa” – it’s a tale I recently read, about a girl who was sent into the woods by her stepmother and stepsisters, who hope she will get lost, and tell her that she needs to find new fire for their hearth that gone cold. But the forest / the time of dark teaches the girl how to connect and trust her intuition, and find the place of the old witch who lives there – for whom she works then, in exchange for the fire. And when she returns, she carries the fire, and isn’t a girl anymore, but a woman with inner knowing.

I read the tale and its interpretation in the book “Women who run with Wolves”. One thing I hadn’t understoond until now: that for interpretation, all elements in a fairy tale can be seen as general archetypes (the good and bad witches, the animals and their roles, the jealous stepsisters… ). But that they also can be seen as parts of your own self / psyche.

Which gives the stories and images a very different touch: its ourselves that make us small and act girly-like, or that make us reach for status symbols to show off and impress others who we are jealous of. And it is ourselves who have that old wise wisdom inside of us, the intution. And it is up to us – it is our freedom – to pick our way and to move towards towards the intuitive parts of our self, give them more space. So fascinating.

Some links:
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… which lead to this journal linkup: Get messy art journaling

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