vivid walk


Bougainvillea in December, in white and pink and red. Such shining bright colors, while at home the first snow was in the air. I still remember walking along the petals, stopping to take a picture – and then turning around, and catching the view to the other side….


…blue sky, blue ocean. All this, in one place. Wish I was there right now, just for a walk. Yet, just returning to the photos is refreshing. And I might go on, and keep visiting vivid places for this week.

The place is above? It’s Lanzarote island, the walk is in Playa Blanca, at the southern tip of the island. More moments from Lanzarote, in my blog: Life as a journey/ Lanzarote


Inspired by the photo challenge. Here’s the stream of “Vivid” photos 


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