cherry oncology blossoms + 2 new cancer memoirs (free kindle reads)


Today is the day after chemo #10. The oncology centre comes with a lovely sight these days: the cherry trees in front of it are in bloom, that’s where the photo above is from.

I slept okay this night, woke up once and read a bit, then fell asleep again. This morning, I browsed kindle books, and came across 2 new cancer memoirs that are up there for free right now, thought i share the links. I read the prologue of the first book already, while sitting in front of the terrace door, and it sounds interesting, written from the perspective of a trauma psychologist:

  • “Life Unexpected: A Trauma Psychologist Journeys Through Breast Cancer” by Naomi L. Baum, Kindle Edition
  • And the other book is: “Hope Is a Good Breakfast: and other humble thoughts on my cancer journey” by Tara Shuman: Kindle Edition

The book by the trauma psychologist, I am especially interested in it as the oncology centre has started to offer art therapy sessions this month. I went to 2 of them, and was surprised by the way they worked, and how they help. I started to put a blog post together about them, hope to finish it tomorrow and put it online then.

All the best to all fellow bloggers who are on this journey through cancerland and chemo right now~



Blogging & Links:
Here is a longer blog post on how things are currently, the post also leads back to the start of my diagnosis: “Intense, or: anger, hope, spring & the larger picture”


4 thoughts on “cherry oncology blossoms + 2 new cancer memoirs (free kindle reads)

  1. I am not (so far) on this journey, but our best friend, who lives in Slovakia, did have breast cancer, went through chemo and radiation, and now there are no signs of the cancer. We went through this vicariously with her, and now I am following your progress via this blog. Thanks for keeping it up.

  2. I’m impressed at how much you can write, and your concentration. My best friend often complains of “chemo brain.” She says it’s all she can do to read a short FB post, much less write. Peace and light to you!

  3. Really good to see your posts, Dorothee. Even as we said goodbye to our friend Elizabeth this weekend, I wanted to share with you that we have another several friends who got through chemo and everything else and are now living life very full. I send you thoughts of love and life and those tiny sparks that keep us in the moment, observing and living in the shadows and light.

  4. Thanks for thinking of me, and for sending your thoughts and wishes. It is scary how many have to go through this. So much pain. But yes, there also is this other side to it, to appreciate the beautiful moments of life, to not take things for granted.
    About the chemo-brain, i am really glad that i can keep reading and writing during the treatment, and don’t have bad headaches or migraine of fatigue. i hope things stay that way. Thanks again for your lines, and for following my blog.

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