Blur, or: Leading to


Leading to

A destination. A turn.
The everlasting question: how far is it still?

My expectations. The road.
The signs that count down the miles, wherever you are.

Another photo of the horizon.
The fact that we are always t(here).


in response to the current photo theme “Blur”.
Here’s the stream of “blur” photos + the call: photo challenge “Blur”

One thought on “Blur, or: Leading to

  1. Dear Doro,
    Such a long time has passed since I am talking to you.
    in the past few days I have been brought back
    by a mysterious tug
    to the song that got my fingers writing
    and of course it meant to re-live a past
    And to feel the pulse of that time
    reading the daily message we sent each other
    taking in the happy banter
    each one reads like two traveliers passing through the same road
    sharing snippets of what we find and where
    wondering what the heck it all was for
    I sent a short email to reach out
    to find you and to find Steve
    then yesterday I heard about your new journey from Steve
    it fell like a heavy rock falling on my feet
    the news that no friend is expecting to hear
    was happening to one so dear
    In years I have not visited our blogging places
    not kept up with the art that painted our friendship
    The daily message was also history
    we had departed and were moving ahead on different roads
    so I completely missed the rain and the storm
    that was whirling around you
    so far away from you as you walked that brave new road.
    we tend to think that all the good in the good people
    will hold them safe as we knew them
    it really only happens that things change as life changes
    yet inside everything else in our hearts never changes
    Dear dear Doro. Be safe. You are strong. Able to get out of those you haven’t even met the best gifts for which they were born.
    keep being strong TIGHT HUG

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