october sun, october thoughts


October sun. The trees change color, and look like natural art. The mornings, often with a touch of November already, reminding you of the darker season to come. But not yet, not yet.

Same place, same time, but instead of looking up, looking down. The way the same thing can look so different. The way so much depends on viewpoints, and on luck. It’s not a happy reason that brought me to this place. But standing right here, seeing the leaves, the way they change, the way the trees prepares for the tougher time to come, in its own beautiful way, is fitting.

To be like a tree, I think. To be able to let go so easily. To be able to hibernate through the cold. To follow the cycle of season, and grow in widening circles.


(this post is inspired by sky friday, and by the current themes of the photo challenges i join: Autumn Color at photo friday, and Refraction at the weekly wordpress photo challenge. it also is inspired by the happenings of this week, more about them, here: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, or: Dark Horizon)

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