self discovery


discovery of the day: my camera actually has a special setting for “self portraits”. found it as i tried to take a photo after coming home for the hair dresser and phoning with a friend.
so i tried the self, one-handed. and pushed the wrong button, so it zoomed, then clicked.

so now i have a self-portrait of my left eye. the round thing isn’t my iris, but … my contact lense. so: self portrait of contact lense.

the whole thing now brought the idea for a photo series, according to all the camera setting it offers.


3 thoughts on “self discovery

  1. What an epiphany to capture! Your contact lenses will bring you into focus. I sure need mine to zoom into my conscious hours 🙂

  2. that’s the perfect expression for it: “an epiphany to capture”. first i looked at the photo and thought there was something on the camera lense. i think it happened through the “avoid red eye” setting, but i’m not sure. still, it’s fascinating.

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