Gates (day 76, Weidach)

today: a gate to a field. that’s alongside a walkway not far from here.

not sure why – maybe due to their meta level of entering / inside / outside, i am drawn to gates. and in time, a series of gates now formed here in this blog, below a screenshot and here the category link: participation/gates.

Gate – in German, it’s “Tor” or “Pforte” (derived from the Latin “Porta”)

i just looked up the English wiki definition:

A gate or gateway is a point of entry to a space enclosed by walls, or a moderately sized opening in some sort of fence. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. Other terms for gate include yett and port. The word derives from the old Norse “gata”, meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it.

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