day 50/100 – a reflection

Perhaps the relation of photography to reality repeats indefinitely above and below.
Every photograph is a description.
Every description is a selection of elements. Every description is particular.
The continuities that link elements are illusions. Every illusion is stretched over a hole.
Every reality is a pattern of holes.

How often we think that we trace a things nature over and over and we are merely tracing round the frame through which we look at them.

Look up: somewhere above are the photographs of galaxies.

(archi/texture, Düsseldorf, day 23
the text is a variation of a Y-text by S. Hastings-King)


Today is day 50 of the 100 days project! 

Here’s a reflection on the process so far:

1) From your own works so far, which day is your personal favourite?
Not easy to pick one, but i think day 23 is my favourite, the one reblogged above.

Actually i had another picture prepared for that day, but then browsed some other entries of the 100 days project before working on mine, and arrived at this unplanned and unexpected result.

2) What approach/concept for the 100 days did you have at the start? Did it change, and if so, how?
My starting idea was to pick photos of different places i visited / traveled to, one per day. the first day was Vienna. after posting the photo, i added a short poem as description. hadn’t planned that, but the combination of photo + poem moved on for a while.
and on day 2 already, i started to experiment with mirrors. here’s the overview of the starting days: 100 days, day 1 – day 8. from mirrors, i moved to layers and variatons/interpretations since day 37.

3) How do you feel about the 100 days of summer so far?
It’s an inspiring project, and the thing i enjoy most are the different approaches and styles of the members. Combined with the rhythm of following a creative theme on a daily basis, it creates an own dynamic, and leads to new angles, colors, places.

The group page is one of the first pages I visit in the morning, and it’s like walking through a constantly growing gallery, with threads and series developing. And the virtual visit often makes me notice connecting angles / details / moments during the day: the detail of petals, asemic structures, laundry on a line, the changing pattern of things…
Looking very forward to the second half.

(some notes from single days are also up in my usual blog, here: day 40, day 24, day 8, upcoming: 100 days)

3 thoughts on “day 50/100 – a reflection

  1. Hey, I love your poster. And you have picked as a favorite, one of my favorites of yours too…. And what Sandra said. (Hi Sandra!) 🙂 One Hundred Days is really the only thing I miss about Facebook. 😦

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