at the pool, later (Mallorca, day 43)

___the way
________the things we see
____the way
__we see things


______the way
___we can see something
a 100 times
_____before we
__rreally see it

..the base photo is the same place like in day 39 – sky crossing, palm tree shadow included.
..this photos is part of the 100days project, and from it, an interesting conversation on morphing photos developed: direct link, and here’s the copy&paste:


Sandra: For the record, virtually all my images are digital combinations of prints, photographs, drawings … none exist as paintings in their own right.

Steve: nice color depth

Susan: Looks like both sunlight and shadow. Nice!

Dorothee: Sandra, that’s so interesting! i wondered how you were making them. the “pool” image here is 2 photos in 2 layers, that’s how it is both sunlight and shadow.

Pia Eeva Maria Parkkonen: Lovely effect!

Ann Morriss Osgood: The deep color is really nice..thalo blue & green.

Dorothee Lang: thanks! i am always tempted to add the originals, but that would take away the mystery.

Pia Eeva Maria Parkkonen: Keep the mystery! I think it’s important to the one who’s watching your work. Mystery will situmulaite his or hers imagination.

Sandra Davies Pia: I agree entirely, liking the magic of an unexpected combination, but also worry about misleading …

Pia Eeva Maria Parkkonen: I’ve been thinking this thing a lot lately, cause I’ve have been manipulating pics. Like in music, every people hears the tune by their own way, thru their own feelings, so I think it should be the same thing is with pics. Example my hummingbird, witch was really a book. For a moment I saw and felt the bird (thanks Susans story 😉 and if somebody sees and feels the same, I don’t think I’m harming anybody.
Ofcourse the thing is different when we speek about photojournalism.

Sandra Davies: And this site is, after all about creating, not simply regurgitating …

Dorothee Lang: t’s a theme i keep returning to, too: maybe there should be another word for manipulating pics. like when you take music and turn it inot an interpretation, no one would think of it as manipulation. but then, we learned to trust photos to mirror reality – which now makes me think of the photo exhibiton on this theme: it showed photos, and then their larger context. and yes, the mystery – without it, it would be just a blue pool photo and a second water photo.

Sandra Davies: If you have an image in mind, or are working towards producing an image to accompany words (which is how I developed this way of working, originally to accompany, to further express my own words) then I think you are entitled to use whatever means available to create it. Originally I made the plates but could not get a background to work for them and eventually scanned both the plate and a drawing , which was perfect. Since then I have felt justified in using this method, and the only criteria has been honesty.

Ann Morriss Osgood: You photographer/manipulators amaze me! Wonderful images!

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