c/it/y (day 57, Stadtmitte)

Nueva York

They change style overnight
Reinvent themselves, merge
aaaaaaaaa Tradición y future

Check in and out of clubs, hotels, lounges
Always on the hunt for
aaaaaaaaa La look muy chic

They walk down avenues, cross paths in perfect timing
aaaaaaaaaToday: fashionista ultraclásico
aaaaaaaaaTomorrow: fantasía urbania

Their secret code: la nouveau parfum malicieux

Their destination:

this is for day 57 of the 100 days project, and also for the current wordpress photo challenge “Urban


metaphor the journey (day 54, Austria)

metaphor the journey

the exile. the migration.
the soul. the dream.
territory silent. territory resplendent.
transitory stillness.
language. art.
red flower in a blue field.

– Marcia Arrieta


(the photo is from Saturday, taken on a road in Austria. Marcia Arrieta’s poetry collection is accompanying me since a while (more here), and the poem is the one i read on Saturday morning,  and took along.)