archi/texture (Düsseldorf, day 23)

Perhaps the relation of photography to reality repeats indefinitely above and below.
Every photograph is a description.
Every description is a selection of elements. Every description is particular.
The continuities that link elements are illusions. Every illusion is stretched over a hole.
Every reality is a pattern of holes.

How often we think that we trace a things nature over and over and we are merely tracing round the frame through which we look at them.

Look up: somewhere above are the photographs of galaxies.

inspired by & based on  Edge Effects #18 + #19 + #22 by Stephen Hastings-King

the photograph above is taken inside the K21 in Düsseldorf – a house that once was a “Gildehaus” – a house of trade groups, and now is a museum of modern art. from outside, it still looks old. inside, it is futursitic. everyone takes a different picture of it – photos of K21

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