arti/stick (Black Forest, day 11)

black fir tree water falls
green slopes cuckoo clocks delivery
worldwide kaffee and cherry cake
titisee schwarz forest trail

and this circular thought:

if you follow that trail
in the opposite direction
long enough, you will
arrive at the very
same (or other) place


another mirror image, this time of a place that is closer to here: the Black Forest (“Schwarzwald” in German). you can see a bit of the actual forest in the back of the picture. here’s a bit more about the place and trip: mountains+lakes+places

2 thoughts on “arti/stick (Black Forest, day 11)

  1. Wow. The composition of this is amazing, the color, the sharpness of lines. Love that last stanza too; it says a lot about much of our journeys in life.

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