upcoming: 100 Days of Summer (join if you want)

the 100 Days of Summer project will start again this week – it’s the one i started this photo blog for when i first joined in 2011. the task: to be creative daily for 100 days and blog the results to share and inspire each other. there also be weekly themes, and its all organized in an easy and simple way via an open facebook group this year.

i look forward to it. the project is also open to new members, if you are interersted in joining, just send a message through facebook (here), and i send an invite.

here’s the description: “100 Days of Summer provides its members with the opportunity to share their creative work within the intense framework of providing one artistic submission per day for 100 days. Officially, we are beginning on July 5th and expect the program to run through October 15th or so.”

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