w/eight (nightland, day 26)

today: blackout in the morning news
thinking of all those who are left stranded without energy today
or in even worse places of bright life turning to darkness and war

the photo: is the counterpart of sunday’s plateau image: the same image, the same place, only mirrored with the other halves, and turned dark.

here’s the original photo of both day #25 and #26:


plat/eau (Schopflocher Moor, day 25)

the mirror of today:

opposites of a river
echoed in silence

the place in the photo belongs to the nearby Alb plateau – the field once was a “Moor” – a bog. in time, all the peat (“Torf” in German) got moved away. it’s still called “Moor”, though, and is the only one in the whole region. if you drive on from here just for 2 minutes, you arrive at a second geographic curiousity: the vulcanoe of the Randecker Maar.


see/rose (zen garden, day 24)

____ _lily___lilie
___   ____rose


a moment from this week: visiting my yoga teacher in her garden – which isn’t officially a zen garden, but has the touch of it: it comes in a combination of light and shadow, old tree and unknown flowers, and with a pond of water lilies.

a note on the wordplay: “waterlily” is “seerose” in German, and rose is one of the few words that are exactly the same in English and German: a rose remains a rose

& i just looked it up: the plant actually is neither a lily, nor a rose, but a nymphaeceae or a lotus.


archi/texture (Düsseldorf, day 23)

Perhaps the relation of photography to reality repeats indefinitely above and below.
Every photograph is a description.
Every description is a selection of elements. Every description is particular.
The continuities that link elements are illusions. Every illusion is stretched over a hole.
Every reality is a pattern of holes.

How often we think that we trace a things nature over and over and we are merely tracing round the frame through which we look at them.

Look up: somewhere above are the photographs of galaxies.

inspired by & based on  Edge Effects #18 + #19 + #22 by Stephen Hastings-King

the photograph above is taken inside the K21 in Düsseldorf – a house that once was a “Gildehaus” – a house of trade groups, and now is a museum of modern art. from outside, it still looks old. inside, it is futursitic. everyone takes a different picture of it – photos of K21


a/more (Côte d’Azur, day 22)

mehr Meer
she thought
as she walked
along the shore
one more time
wrapped by

22 is wordplayday:
in German, the ocean is called: Meer
which sounds exactly like the German for “more”: mehr
and more itself, is part of amore – the Italian word for love
which, interestingly, also has both “am” and “or” in it,
and “ore” – a rock that contains minerals
which is also part of shores


long/ing (Inside, day 21)

inside the sunflower field
the world a place
of green
and yellow

some garden shops in this region now prepared sunflower fields, and invite people to stop and cut flowers directly from the field, and leave the money for them in the box. which makes it officially possible to walk within those huge sunflower fields.

(this is for day 21 of the 100 days project, and also for the current wordpress photo challenge Inside)