international call for “Translation” in all possible forms

today, instead of the next photo in the flow, an international call for a blog carnival:

language/place blog carnival #16

the theme is “Translation” in all its possible forms

“The next issue of Language Place invites you to share your translation in any sense of the word. One experience connecting language and place is translation, which usually we think of as saying the same thing in a different language. It is a challenge to translate between languages, revealing of both languages as well as the subject itself. Translators often are called interpreters, because there is more than a simple crosswalk involved in it.

Of course, it could be translation in another sense, like something travelers often do, translating an experience or a place into photos or words or videos or art. Translation can have other implications, too. For this edition, we are open and intersted in all meanings and formats.”

Guidelines + Invite


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