84 Ist das Kunst?

today is inspired by Cathryn Esten’s series of self-made cards, which are part of the 100 days project and online at Being of Unsound Mind and Body

browsing the cards brought me back to a postcard i made last year. in Vienna, that was, after visiting the MUMOK museum of contemporary art, and picking some exhibit flyers/cards up there. (some moments from there: virtual notes/Vienna – the big black block-like building in the first image is the Mumok. and yes, that day was somewhat pink-ish)


One thought on “84 Ist das Kunst?

  1. They say “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” so I guess with something more nebulous like art, it is even harder to define. Each society & sub-culture have their own idea about what art is.
    If it feels like art to you, it is.

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