44 facets

those windows belongs to the opera house here in Stuttgart, which is a place of so many facets that i only snapped the dome once, then moved on. i think i never returned to the image until now, and never noticed all those details.

another, very different architecture photo i took at that opera evening turned into the cover of  BluePrintReview #17: Bodyscapes

and here, the original image: the full dome. (and yet, despite the vast difference in size, uniqueness and in worth, yesterday’s butterfly is still more wondrous)

3 thoughts on “44 facets

  1. these are fascinating to see – I am a compulsive cropper (didn’t really consider it “editing”) – but you really have an eye for bringing the unusual out in your images

  2. Susan, Julia: thanks for the feedback. yes, it’s so interesting to see the change of atmosphere and “story” in the cropped version. i will follow this path for a while, i think, see where it takes me.

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