31 leads

A circle. A destination. This day.
The everlasting question: how far is it still?

Today was difficult. And brought the temptation to see 30 as a good point to pause, or to let it be. Even though the last days brought surprise images, and a feeling of experimenting, of moving into new angles. At the same time, I found a simpler approach: after randomly browsing a number of blogs for the first dozen days, i now started to go through the list of participants step by step. Which is like picking a new task card every day.

So I picked the task. And arrived at Carol Mack’s fascinating Fibre blog. Which came with just the right challenge to make me try, and leave the screen, and move into the realm of paper and scissors today.

The poem that accompanied me into this was my contribution to the final week of the weekly 52/250 challenge: Leading to. Back then, I didn’t know that I would step from a weekly to a daily challenge so soon.

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