41 sun moon sky

“You woke to the sun and moon gazing at each other across the open valley where we stand, in the middle of a giant yawn, and you watched clouds form in the sky, creating a streak of calcite in the flawless lapis lazuli.”

today is inspired by Yan Vang’s fauxdelaire story #39: The day the sun stood still.

the photo is a crop of  larger sky image. the larger version isn’t that exciting, but this crop now came out as a surprise, like discovering the real image in the larger picture.

(tomorrow probably will be a snapshot from the media night that takes place at the university near here.)

36 moves

“It’s tough constantly moving. Every time I buy something or receive a gift I think how is this going to be when I have to move, will I throw it away, donate it, is it a waste of money, is it bulky, does it break down easy, will it fit in my car?”

today: a visual rendition of Krista Weber’s day 34: Stuff.