8 Freedom

“I’m not the only one in my family who could fly but the only one who embraced it. .. My wings make me just that little bit different than everyone else. Just that little bit.” Freedom

reading Susan’s Freedom lines made me revisit the bird image i added to a mail recently. so this is #8. the story is up on Talespinning, which in fact is only a part of Susan’s awe-and-persistence-inspiring daily story project 365 stories in 365 days

the photo is taken at  the lava cliffs of Lanzarote island, the seagull sailed right at the cliff line. there is more about this place in a blog entry: Los Hervideros, and in a mini you-tube clip: wave.

and an additional link: the theme “taking flight” seems to be in the air. here’s a series of images i just came across: “Releasing their words into the world” by Jean Morris.


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